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The Green Frogs Net

3.947 Mhz Every Day from 0500 to 0800 Except Sunday


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The Green Frogs is a open net and any comments made by those on the the net are not the VIEWS OR THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NET CONTROL. If you are offended by some one on the Net take it off to another freq. or turn your rig off. Do not involve the net in your Squabble the net is for fun and good fellowship and good amateur radio practice.

W4GEO ... Board of Directors.

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The Net Control

Thanks to the great "Hams" that are stepping up and taking charge of being "Net Control". Thanks Bruce KI4GSM, Wayne K4TTZ and of course Mr Bob K4JDJ. I know George ("GEO") has made arrangements for your pay. So look for something in your mail after our Government get our money straighten out. You all have a Happy New Year all year long in 2018. Thanks for doing the Green Frogs Net.

Greenfrogs Net Control Application

Please remember that you can not join The Green Frogs. You are inducted by the Board of Directors by how much you attend the morning nets.

We can't forget to thank W4GEO George who does so MUCH in the background for the Green Frogs. Thanks George we don't know what we would do without you!.


Bob's Raise

This is what The Green Frogs Directors will give all Net Controls after the "The Cliff Thing" ....

How Do You Join This Gang?

To join you just need to be a regular check in there is no membership any one can be a FROG ...but .... if you want to be certified that's a different story. You must be approved by the board of governors then you will receive a suitable for framing slab of paper with your name on it.It is hard to keep up with all the Green Frogs. If you have a “Slab” and your Call has not been posted as being a “Green Frog Member” please email me so I can update the page and let the world know you are a “Green Frog”


It has been brought to my attention that some Hams have complained about the picture to the right (The Green Frog Hats) and that a few of the Greenfrogs are making a profet from these hats. When I put this site up, I did it out of my own pocket and asked nobody for nothing. Just like the Hams selling the hats above. They sell 4 and gave away the 5th. This is NOT a commerical website and will never be as long as I am paying for it. I do this for the fun of it and because I enjoy it. So please don't send me anything you want to sell on this website. Thank you K4GAM


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